22 October 2015

Boards: Part 2

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What to look for in your next surf and kite board

Boards: Part 2

Part two on choosing your next board. Let's pick up where we left off... 

#4 Quality & Construction continued.

EPOXY boards are very buoyant and super light meaning they sit high on the water, something that makes for a rough ride on choppy water. However they are suitable for small, glassy waves, especially when surfing.

HIGH DENSITY PU (poly urethane) FOAM BLANKS are a lot more expensive than standard foam.HDfoam is much stronger and minimises dentingwhen kitesurfing. Quality blanks cost more but your board will last longer, perform better and feel alive in the water.

CROSS-HATCHED FIBREGLASS is added to increase multi-directional strength and flex, reducing the likelihood of a board snapping under pressure.

CARBON FIBRE PATCHES are kite-specific reinforcing that we include around the tail section and fin boxes to protect your board when landing aerials. 

#5 Surf, Kite or Both?

My ideal day is goes along the lines of this... Wake up in the morning and go surfing. Come home for lunch (preferably fresh caught fish!) then go kiting on the same board in the afternoon. I realise everyone is different and not everyone likes to kite and surf the same board... I prefer to kite in much the same way as I surf so riding the same board just makes sense.

However, if you want to buy a specific board for kiting, and another one to surf, it’s good to go a little shorter on your designated kiteboard. Especially if you’re more confident with a kite than without.

At the end of the day, if you want the best performance for kiting and or surfing, you’re going to need a properly designed and manufactured surfboard. 



I love the option of switching from quad to thruster and back again in a flash. I usually ride a thruster setup for its smooth and predictable turns but sometimes it’s fun to swap to a quad, especially if I’m riding smaller waves and want to throw the tail and slide out.

The new keyless FCSII system means swapping fin setup or preparing boards for travel is quick and easy. 



These days there seems to be an overwhelming number of hybridized kite/surfboards that remind me of some Frankenstein cross between a wakeboard and a surfboard. Coming from a surfing background this really offends me! Surfboards should have character, story and need to feel alive in the water. When you focus only on building something indestructible you compromise on performance. It’s that simple.

All our boards come with cross-hatched glass and carbon tail patches to reinforce around the back foot so you can land big airs without damaging your gear. However, heel dings are to be expected on surfboards so please don’t stress out if you get a few – they make your board more comfortable to ride and provide great landmarks so you know where to put your feet. 

Darren Handley, DHD.

Regarded as one of the world’s best shapers the writing is on the wall in terms of DH’s achievements, including 3X ASP World Champion Mick Fanning and 6X ASP Women’s World Champion Stephanie Gilmore.

DH is not simply a shaper, but rather the complete surfboard manufacturer. “At nearly 50 years old, I’m still picking up the sander and working in the glass room, I’m hands on. It’s all about the perfect surfboard, and surrounding yourself with the most skilled workers in the industry, to create that ultimate ride.” - DH

Darren is heavily influenced by his team riders and those closest to him within the surfing community. No one has passion like DH, and when it comes to making surfboards he has devoted his life to giving everyone the ultimate experience.

DH has dedicated his life to creating the ultimate high performance surfboard, and as an industry leader he continues to set standards for quality and performance.

If you need any more advice on what size or board is right for you, email with your height, weight, local conditions and kiting/surfing ability. He’ll send you in the right direction. 

Post your questions below but please check out the thread to see if it’s already been answered!

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