15 October 2015

General Body Position & Riding Upwind

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General Body Position & Riding Upwind

Whether you’re on water or land, the closer together your legs and more upright you stand, the less balance you’ll have. The further you spread your feet apart whilst lowering your centre of gravity, the more stable you are. To keep a solid stance on your board, make sure you bend your knees and bring your centre of gravity lower. Try to make sure your body is always relaxed and not stiff.

Foot placement also affects the way you ride. The closer your back foot is to the tailpad, the sharper and more vertical your turns will be. Weight is kept mainly on the front foot and through the toes/ball of foot while the back foot controls your direction and keeps you balanced. Being mobile on your board allows for more variety and control, allowing dynamic moves and also helping you get around efficiently.

When trying to maximise up-wind direction, move your feet as far up the board as possible and make sure your board is as flat as possible in the water so you’re maximising its surface and planing area. 

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