11 November 2017

BWSURF 2018 Season

Written by Ben Wilson, Posted in Interviews

The inside story on our kites, bars and boards

Over the last 24 months my team and I at BWSURF have been busy making a lot of changes and working on an all new product range which is finally ready. The Æ2 Kite, Blue Chip Bar, Stallion V2, DHD signature boards and the Drifter 2.0 are the latest in our range of wave kiting equipment and I couldn't be happier with their performance and quality. 

I am going to be honest and say that we have always been super proud of how well our gear performs in the waves however we’ve had more than our fair share of issues with the quality of some products.

But things have changed.

The Æ2 is now made in the Philippines, the Blue Chip Bar in Sri Lanka and our surfboards are made in Holland & Australia. Hyde Sails in the Philippines is one of the largest and most established sail manufacturers in the world and we are so happy to be working with them along with our other amazing partners. 

Our mission has remained unaltered from the beginning; we want to create and share the very best wave riding products possible and BWSURF has never been in a better place. Our product range is the highest quality it has ever been and the performance is second to none. It would be remiss of me not to mention our biggest asset. We have the most amazing bunch of crew here at BWSURF. It’s simple, we are all here for the same reason, we love riding waves and enjoying all that the ocean has to offer. We are all so excited to get this new range on the water, some of our team riders, kite trip guests and friends have already had the chance to test it and give your feedback - thank you! 

I am so proud of what our team have produced and I can't wait to share some more information about it very soon...


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Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson, a big-wave kitesurfer and co-founder of BWSurf. A pioneer of the sport, Ben was one of the first to use a surfboard in harmony with a kite and he continues to drive the sport in new directions.

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