22 October 2015

Josh Mulcoy: Words of Wisdom

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Why pro surfers love kiting

Josh Mulcoy: Words of Wisdom

For the last 6 or 8 years I've been saying that more surfers will eventually discover kiting the way we have; as a means to get in the ocean and ride waves as much as we can. There are always a few bold individuals who defy popular opinion and choose the road less travelled. Josh Mulcoy is the perfect example. His favourite places to surf are better known for snow than swell, but to a guy like Mulcoy this couldn't be more perfect. It's a struggle to find a wave to yourself in North America and utterly unheard of in Santa Cruz where he calls home (at least that's where his mail is sent). So Mulcoy packs his boards and kites and heads out of town. 

Here's a bit of insight into the mind of Mulcoy...


I live in Santa Cruz and there’s a really good surfing wave just past Waddell. For years I’d drive by and see windsurfers. Eventually I started seeing kiters and had to stop to check it out. I thought to myself, “Wow, that turns the ocean into a big waterpark with endless opportunities to ride waves!” I was lucky enough to have a friend help me out and get me going. During this time I actually didn't surf for the whole month - just kited. I was addicted - there’s just something about gliding across the water...


Kiting is the perfect counterpart to surfing, helping keep you in the water. I love to surf more than anything, but what do you do when it gets windy? Most of my friends play golf! Kiting keeps me riding waves. Using the same board I surf on, just catching a ton more waves. AND, what better training tool for surfing than kiting? You’re actually standing on your surfboard for hours and not just paddling. I really feel this helps out with your balance when surfing. These days I get just as excited going kiting and I do surfing.


Watch the ocean... The most important thing for me before I hit the water is to actually watch the ocean. I feel like kiting is so much like surfing that I spend time to look for the best waves on the beach. After that I just pump up and get out there.


I just want to kite like it’s surfing and flow from turn to turn as smooth as I can. Kite placement is key to creating a surf-style flow and we are lucky to have kites that help this out.

Watch Josh's video or maybe head out of town with Mulcoy Travel. 

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