15 October 2015

Kite Position

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Catching Waves and General Riding

Kite Position

Setting yourself up to catch a wave requires some calculation, as you need to think about both your position in relation to the wave and the angle of the kite. It’s important to keep your kite at 45° or lower. This is where you have the most control so always work from here whether you’re riding a wave or tacking up-wind.

In contrast to surfing, when you’re kiting aim to catch the wave further out, well before it breaks. Once you’re in position and have chosen a wave, adjust the angle of your kite and prepare yourself to catch it. Parking the kite in the right position and allowing it to drift down the line allows you to ride the wave and pick it up again when needed.

Check that you are always:

  1. Turning the kite before the board
  2. Making the same turn with the board as with your kite
  3. Travelling at the same speed and in the same direction as your kite

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