28 January 2016

10 Reasons to Book a Kite Trip NOW

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If you're struggling to progress or you've lost your passion, a getaway could be all you need

10 Reasons to Book a Kite Trip NOW

1. Photo & Video review: Have you ever had every wave in a session totally documented with photo and video? We believe being able to see what you’re doing right and wrong is one of the best ways to progress your kitesurfing and offer this service a an integral part of the coaching sessions. 

2. Learn to read waves: Entry point into the wave is critical. Do you know how to position yourself for different wind & wave directions? Visualising where the wave will break and knowing where to position yourself is key and takes practise and directon.

3. Body position & technique: Do you know if your body position and technique is correct? As the wave is breaking it’s absolutely critical that you’ve visualised where you want to be and making sure you have your feet positioned perfectly so you have the right weight distribution as you ride the wave. This is one of the most common areas I work on with students of all levels.  

4. Watching others: Sometimes sitting back and taking it all in can help you identify the things you need to change. Kite trips provide a great opportunity to check out what everyone else is doing and then incorporate it into your own riding. 

5. Make new friends: Meet interesting, likeminded people from all over the world. I've seen so many friendships formed that last years!

6. Master turns: Do you realise that the bottom turn is the most essential turn to master? It sets up everything you do next. Do you know where to start the turn, end your turn and how to distribute your weight throughout? If you haven’t nailed your bottom turn you will struggle to progress. The right pointers will revolutionise your bottom turn and your kiting.

7. Time on the water: All of our destinations offer great conditions for surfing and SUPing so head out in the mornings to spend more time in the waves and work on your skills. 

8. Learn about different equipment: Not familiar with surfboards? Learn about rocker, materials, fins and buoyancy. Stuck in a rut with harnesses or bars? Discover other options that are wave-friendly and suit your style, local conditions and level of ability. 

9. Do you struggle to ride upwind? Learn how to maximise your upwind riding for more enjoyable kiting. A few small tweeks and a bit of practise and you'll ride more efficiently and get more out of each session. 

10. Escape the grind: Our trips are designed to be fun. Sure, you’ll learn heaps, fall into bed exhausted every night and discover new muscles you’ve never used before… But there’s always time for relaxation and conversation. 


Not sure which trip is right for you?  Just ask! 


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