24 September 2018

The when and where of kitesurfing holidays in Fiji

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The best breaks and the best time to kiteboard in Fiji

The when and where of kitesurfing holidays in Fiji

Sometimes a change is as good as a holiday. But sometimes a holiday can bring change. If your kiting progression has ground to a halt you might need to rack up some hours in the water or even get some coaching. A little here and there with no advice might see some small improvements over months or years but if you want results now, a trip is in order… 

So you’ve been considering a kitesurfing holiday to Fiji. Well here’s what you need to know to get the best experience from your kitesurfing trip. 


Choose the season

Summer tends towards lighter winds, smaller waves and wetter weather when you can still score wind but will run the risk intermittent cyclones that can mean a hasty evacuation or even cancellation of your trip. On the other hand you may get lucky and score some incredible waves and wind.  

Summer season December – March/April


Winter is kitesurfing season when the Trade winds blow from the South East and bring more consistent surf. But don’t worry, it’s still very warm with water temperatures around 26 degrees (78F) and air temperature about the same. A typical Trade wind day will start with a glassy morning and see wind building around lunchtime. Of course you may get wind all day or no wind at all, it’s up to Mother Nature after all. 

Winter season May – September

*If you live in the Northern hemisphere remember that we southerners have opposite seasons to you. Eg June, July & August are winter months here. 


Top Kite Surfing Spots In Fiji

If you’re looking to kitesurf in Fiji there are a number of great places such as the Mamanucas, Natandola beach, the Coral Coast, Nananu-i-Ra and Suva. Some of these places like the Coral Coast (check out Matanivusi Eco Resort) have waves but most are more suited to flatwater kiting and can be affected by the tide. 

Some of the best waves spots are at the Namotu Lefts, Cloudbreak and Fiji Pipe. These are also excellent waves for surfing which means you’ll have to be careful of others in the water and pick your times to ensure everyone in the water is safe. Other than Namotu Lefts, all other breaks can only be accessed by boat. That means you’ll need to know how to set up for a boat launch and, of course, have access to a boat! 

Namotu Lefts is by far the most user-friendly of these waves as it is perfectly angled to suit the predominant trade wind direction – cross onshore. Whether you’re new to wave riding or an old hand, this wave is lots of fun and gives you the chance to park your kite and ride the wave. 

You can charter yachts, book an island resort or stay on the mainland but either way do your research and make sure you know how you’re getting to the breaks. Most resorts charge extra for surf/kite charters and even transfers to and from the resort so you’ll need to budget for this. A few days of surfing or kiting can get expensive so having a guide to advise when to go may end up saving you pointless trips. Namotu and Tavarua have all use of surf boats included in their package rates so what you pay extra in accommodation you may save on boat trips. The added benefit of Namotu is they run boats anytime during the day and aren’t scheduled like Tavarua. Plus you can just kite out to Namotu Lefts, the best kiting wave around anyway. It’s important to that launching and landing from Tavuarua can be tricky. 

HOT TIP: Namotu is a private island so if you’re not staying on the island you’ll be doing a boat launch at Namotu Lefts too as only guests can go ashore. If you’re desperate to launch/land on Namotu you’ll need to radio the boatshed (channel 14) before stepping ashore otherwise you’ll be politely told to head off. 


Why book a kite vacation to Fiji?

  • Warm water
  • Good wind through most of the year
  • Lots of waves for surfing and some great options for kiting
  • Friendly locals

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