15 October 2015


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By Brodie Adlington


This is one of my favourite kiting moves as it throws off a huge amount of spray and feels epic!


1. Speed - it's all about the speed... The more speed you've got, the bigger the turn will be and more water you're going to move. So make sure you've got a whole bunch of speed before hitting the section.


2. The Section - You can perform one of these off many sections but you really want to aim for the right one to maximise the ‘sick-ness’ of the turn. I look for a section that has a lot of push behind it, is just about to break but still has a bit of wally part next to it.


3. Timing and technique - These two things are crucial for making the turn look sick. Time it wrong and you'll be hitting a fat section or you'll be too late to even hit it. The perfect time to hit it is just before it's about to break. As for technique, race at whatever angle you want to the section (depending on how you want it to turn out, the harder the angle the more vertical you'll be when you hit it) then throw your back arm into the water behind you just as you lean back to throw all your weight and power onto your back foot. Using your arm as a stabiliser behind you, transfer your weight to your front foot - this will make your fins throw out and the tail of your board will slide. 

Here's a clip featuring Brodie. 

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