10 September 2017

Namotu Island Kite Weeks

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The highlights reel from each trip of 2017

The Namotu Kite Weeks are all over for another year. We had some great conditions for surfing, stand up paddle, kitesurfing, foiling and more. Watch the weekly wrap-up clips by Stu Gibson to see some highlights from each trip. 

There's a lot more to Kite Weeks than just kitesurfing - Namotu is the perfect place to learn to surf and SUP too. So whether you're looking to surf, SUP or kite yourself, or bring your partner and friends to learn, check out these trips and get your name on the waitlist as we're already booked a year in advance. 

The highlights from our first August week with a private, surf-focussed group.

Although we offer kite coaching for this group when the conditions prevent other activities, this week is really about beginner surf coaching. We've had this group join us for the last three years and watching their progress has been such a pleasure. From complete first-timers to working on turns and technique these guys have all come a long way. Namotu is such a perfect place to learn to surf (and kite!) and our instructors are all talented across multiple disciplines.


The second August Kite Week provided some great conditions for kitesurfing with so much opportunity for our beginner and intermediate/advanced kiters to get out on the water.

We also enjyed a couple of stunning glassy days to relax, surf, SUP, fish, SCUBA dive and enjoy island paradise. Having the option to try new sports is what makes these Kite Weeks so special; there's pretty much everything  you can do on or in the ocean right at your fingertips. 


Our fourth Kite Week scored day after day of glassy, head-high waves. 

Kite/SUP/surf coach, Rory Chapman hosted some foil & SUP classes, we had our daily yoga with Sasha Hutchinson and we really focussed on surf and SUP the majority of the week. When you deal with Mother Nature you have to be flexible; so we have the best instructors across a range of disciplines, unrivalled local knowledge and a vast array of equipment to ensure our guests have an incredible experience in whatever conditions are dealt. 


Our June/July Kite Week had a great mix of conditions with consistent Trade Winds perfect for kiting the Namotu Lefts.

We also had some glassy days with a really nice sized swell perfect for surfing Cloudbreak, Swimming Pools and Wilkes. As on many of these weeks we headed down to Cloud9, the float bar just 30mins away by boat, had a bonfire and enjoyed some time to socialise and unwind. 


If you want to jump on one of these trips you need to get your name on the list as we book out at least 12months in advance. Visit https://benwilsoncoaching.com/trips/n... for info and the link to our waitlist.

All footage and clips by Stu Gibson (http://stugibson.net). 

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