06 September 2018

Namotu Island Kite Weeks: what you missed in 2018

Written by Ben Wilson, Posted in Interviews

Namotu Island Kite Weeks: what you missed in 2018

Each year the Namotu Kite Weeks seem to get a little bigger and a little crazier as we pile more and more into each trip. This year we had a huge amount of incredible instructors providing everything from foiling to kiting to yoga and stand up paddle. With more space opened up on the Island to bring more support staff I've been able to offer a new level of service and improve the experience for our guests. 


I keep coming back to it, but foiling is big. And we're lucky enough to have the perfect set up for learning and progressing on Namotu. From towing behind a boat to kiting flat water or paddle foilng in gentle rolling waves the Island has it covered and we've been stocking up on the latest gear. We had some amazing foil coaches join us this year including Beau Blake, Aaron Smith, Skylar Lickle, Danny Barnette plus our usuals Rory Chapman & Trevor Hendy. 


As always we ran the usual beginner to advanced kite coaching when it was windy and focussed on surfing and SUPing (and foiling) when it was glassy. We were really lucky each week this year with a mix of wind, waves and glassy days to let everyone experience all the aspects of Namotu. We always say it but it's so true - everyone thinks they want to come to Namotu and get 7 days of solid wind. The reality is that restricts you to kiting only. And when there's so much else on offer why not expand your horizons and delve into something new, there's no place like Namotu.

Stu Gibson created a short edit and tiny slice of these trips. Take a look at just some of what you missed this year. 

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