12 May 2019

SoloSports Kite Week weekly wrap

Written by Ben Wilson, Posted in Interviews

Another incredible week of strapless kiting in remote Baja Mexico

Photo gallery and video by our photographer for the week, Stu Gibson. The week held plenty of waves and wind but towards the end as the wind backed off we were able to find time to do some mountain biking, SUPing and surfing. Big thanks to Kevin's team at SoloSports who looked after us all so well. See you again in 2020!

Bookings for next year are now open and dates are confirmed as 2-9 May 2020. Click here for more info or contact me for bookings. 

  • Bajaslide230 1
    Classic Punta San Carlos with a small to medium south swell. These south swells are long, groomed with plenty of waves in each set. You can take off right out the back where the peak is breaking then ride through then speed down the line where there's still another 100m of wave to go!
  • Bajaslide100 1
    If you're an adventurous person this is one of the best parts of the trip.
  • Bajaslide035 1
    We get on at Brown Field, just north of the Mexican border and from there we fly over the coast and finally land just beside the ocean at SoloSports.
  • Bajaslide057 1
    Remote Baja desert from above. We fly over what feels like a million different tantalising point breaks the whole way down. An endless deserted coastline of point breaks to mindsurf the whole way down.
  • Bajaslide114 1
    This says it all. You can lay in your tent and watch the waves peeling off. You couldn't be any closer to the action.
  • Bajaslide005 1
    From SoloSports looking down the coast to more point breaks further down the coast. Early mornings have a touch of fog but as that burns off you can see more and more waves further in the distance.
  • Bajaslide041 1
    This place allows you to learn more on the water than anywhere else; it's built for coaching. But at the same time you learn so much from watching others. Between sessions you can still be learning and improving.
  • Bajaslide118 1
    A typical Baja morning starts with an offshore wind which is really perfect for SUPing, long boarding, foiling and although it's not the greatest spot for shortboards it's epic for other craft.
  • Bajaslide086 1
    The launch spot is right next to the tents and at first looks a little daunting but is something you work out quickly. Plus our amazing crew is always there to help out.
  • Bajaslide144 1
    The water is cold but the air is warm. It's good to have Tassie-born cold water professional Stu Gibson getting in the water and shooting a different angle.
  • Bajaslide014 1
    When the sets roll though at Punta San Carlos there are plenty of waves for everyone. So much action all around.
  • Bajaslide033 1
    One of the key things we work on and one skill everyone can probably improve on is toe-side riding. I really try to help people refine on this skill during the week.
  • Bajaslide209 1
    It all starts with a bottom turn. A good bottom turn leads into a good top turn. Here's Haydn Fischer demonstrating.
  • Bajaslide036 1
    The kiting is amazing but as always the best part about Kite Weeks are the people you meet. Here in particular where we don't have internet it feels like a good old surf trip - no phones, no internet. How rare is that!
  • Bajaslide039 1
    Have you seen a cleaner, more groomed or longer lip than this? What make this wave so good is that beginner or pro you can have so much fun.
  • Bajaslide042 1
    Pumping up your kite next to your bed. Best setup!
  • Bajaslide075 1
    In between waves the view of these mountains is incredible. But we also have these mountains to thank for the thermal wind.
  • Bajaslide076 1
    Seriously, is there a more fun, slopey wave to learn on? Here's one of our guests looking really comfortable and confident after a few days refining technique.
  • Bajaslide101 1
    A few cervezas to top off a big day on the water
  • Bajaslide182 1
    Wave machine. One after the other. Clean, kiting perfection.
  • Bajaslide296 1
    All in one little remote place.
  • Bajaslide244 1
    Some of our SUP guests say it's one of the best waves they've ever ridden. The crowd factor is pretty epic too!
  • Bajaslide250 1
    The smile says it all. Another epic morning SUPing before the wind kicks in.
  • Bajaslide292 1
    Drawing the perfect lines with nice down-the-line flow is one of the most critical parts to a successful wave ride and something we can really focus on here. This pic shows a nice bottom turn/top turn combination.
  • Bajaslide310 1
    I wouldn't class the waves here as great for surfing but they're definitely a lot of fun and usually uncrowded.
  • Bajaslide326 1
    This shot really shows the wave just down the point from the camp. It's a little more top-to-bottom and it's something that we progress onto during the week as our clients improve. Here's Haydn Fischer.
  • Bajaslide320 1
    There are miles of mountain biking trails and all the gear supplied if you can find any energy left after all the surfing, SUPing and kiting.
  • Bajaslide052 1
    The class of 2019
  • Bajaslide322 1
    Time to head home. Planes waiting to take us back to San Diego

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