19 May 2018

SoloSports Kite Weeks: wave clinics in Baja, Mexico

Written by Ben Wilson, Posted in Interviews

The place to go for serious progression

There’s a reason why people travel to such a remote part of the world; SoloSports is a wind and wave machine.

I kited every day for two weeks during the two consecutive Kite Weeks. The degree of progression made by guests here is second to none and that effect really comes down to the consistency of the wind and gentle waves that give everyone the opportunity to practise turns again and again till they’re comfortable. 

When you’re not kiting there’s mountain biking, surfing, SUPing and siestas. Photographer Stu Gibson who joins each year to capture everyone's progress and act as unofficial mountain bike guide. 

We’ll be back again same time next year so if you’re interested in improving your existing wave skills or moving on to a directional board then this is the trip for you. The group size is small so you have plenty of personal attention and you really won't find a better kite haven than SoloSports. 

Next available trip is 4-11 May 2019. Click here for details. 

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Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson, a big-wave kitesurfer and co-founder of BWSurf. A pioneer of the sport, Ben was one of the first to use a surfboard in harmony with a kite and he continues to drive the sport in new directions.

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