12 October 2015

Toe-side Upwind Riding

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Toe-side Upwind Riding

Whether you're riding toe-side or heel side, strapped or unstrapped, riding efficiently upwind means shifting your body weight up towards the nose. This helps your board plane more effectively. If you place too much weight on the tail, you'll sink and slow down, making upwind travel really difficult. If you're riding with straps, try taking your back foot out and move it forwards. If you're still struggling to get upwind, you can take out your front foot too, and move both feet up towards the nose. 


Also remember, when you move your back foot closer to the tail of your board your turns will be sharper. Moving it towards the nose will produce more flowing, carving turns, so to get the most out of a session - on waves or simply going upwind - move your feet!

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