15 October 2015

Trevor Hendy

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Kitesurfing for the Soul

Trevor Hendy

Australians in particular will remember Trevor from his Ironman days where he was the unrivaled champion, year after year. A true athlete, Trev had a successful foray into kayaking before coming to the realisation that he’d much rather help others achieve their own gold medals. Now a lifecoach/mentor, his years of battling rough ocean conditions and taking it all in his stride makes him a genuine inspiration. Somewhere in-between all this, Trevor learned to kite. And of course he’s pretty amazing at that too! Trev is a member of multiple Sporting Halls of Fame, holds an Order of Australia, and is an inspirational speaker, kite instructor, father and mentor. He also joins the Namotu Kite Weeks as a beginner kite & surf coach, helping our new students to relax and ease their way into the water in the most calm and natural way possible. 

“I first got into kitesurfing through my buddy, Paul Jackson, who is very good. He’d always go off kiting when the wind came up. One day he said, ‘Let’s go,’ and he took me down to the beach, put the kite in the air and stood with me until I could fly, land and take off. He immediately put me on the board and sent me out to sea, through the waves. It was when I got out the back that I realised he hadn’t told me how to turn around and that I had never stood goofy-footed before. I made my way back eventually to see him laughing and simply saying, ‘I knew you’d be ok, I wanted to see how quick you could pick it up’. I have never taught anyone else that way and wouldn’t recommend it, but it made for quick learning!”

“Kitesurfing is the number one way I have found to harness the power of nature yet ride it with grace. You can’t control it or wrestle it, you have to let it take you and just stay present enough to be the one guiding the experience. I always come back feeling as though I am more confident and more relaxed. I always like to remember the biggest reason why I’m in the water - to let go. Not only is the water my spiritual bath, letting go is also the number one best tip I have for kitesurfing. So when teaching beginners, I tell them to simply let go and let it happen. That particularly applies when you are learning and you are getting to know the bar.  When in doubt, let it out.

When I am trying something new, I don’t tighten up. I imagine what it would feel like to pull it off before I have even tried it. Once I have the feeling, I tend to land it without too much hassle." 

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