12 October 2015

Unhooked Kitesurfing

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My tips on choosing when and why to unhook

Unhooked Kitesurfing

I love unhooking because it opens up my whole body so I’m not pivoting off one point – it feels freer and more like surfing. It’s great when wave riding for performing turns on a wave.

The way I determine whether I’m going to unhook is based on the conditions. Typically more side-onshore to side-shore conditions are better so the kite can drift down the line with me. It’s hard to unhook in side off conditions as the wind pulls you in the opposite direction to the wave.

If you want to start unhooking, I recommend practicing when the wind is light so you can get comfortable with the concept. It’s really about mind over matter – people think the kite is going to rip their arms off but in reality, if you position the kite correctly, it’s going to drift along the wave with you. My advice is to ease into it and pick your conditions. 

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