23 November 2015

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Techniques for catching waves

Here are the key steps in doing this successfully.

Step 1: Visualize the turn you want to do on the wave well in advance as the turn you do with your kite will dictate the turn you do with your board.

Step 2: This varies slightly depending on wave and wind direction, but generally speaking your timing to turn the kite is when the kite comes over the top of the wave that you’re going to make the turn on. The key with this step is you have to turn the kite before you turn the board.

Step 3: Whatever turn you do with your kite, do the exact same turn with your board. For example if you want to do a more vertical or straight up and down turn on the wave you need to do a more straight up and down turn with the kite or if you want to do a more drawn out long powerful turn really holding your rail on the wave for a long time you need to turn your kite lower through the power zone. If you’re getting slack lines or being ripped off your board during this technique it’s simply because you’re not doing the same turn with your board as what you’ve done with your kite.


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