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13 June 2016

Namotu Island, Fiji Pro 2016

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Josh Kerr's first kitesurfing lesson

Namotu Island, Fiji Pro 2016

Consecutive lay days on the Fiji Pro means everyone has to find alternate entertainment - fishing, free surfing, maybe a little partying and sometimes even kitesurfing.

The wind is pretty good at this time of year so I always take my kites and try to get a few sessions in. This normally sparks a bit of interest and I usually manage to rope someone into giving it a go. Joel Parkinson & Mick Fanning have tried their hands at kiting and this year Josh Kerr had a crack. I have to say he takes the record for the fastest learner - up and riding in minutes and even going up-wind on his second run! I guess it's no surprise these guys are naturals. They don't really have to worry about the board so all their focus can be on the kite which makes it pretty simple. Here are some pics from Josh's first kite lesson plus a few extras from the week here on Namotu... 


All images thanks to fellow kiter & fast learner, Stu Gibson.. 


28 May 2016

SoloSports Kite Week, Mexico

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The perfect trip to improve you wave riding

SoloSports Kite Week, Mexico

I was lucky enough to spend two weeks earlier this year running Kite Weeks at SoloSports in Punta San Carlos, Baja Mexico. The setup is incredible and we couldn't have asked for better conditions. The place is incredible for kiting but also provides excellent surfing, windsurfing, mountain biking and SUPing - it's adventure sports paradise. Massive thank you to Kevin Trejo and the crew for having me this year, I'm already looking forward to next year's trips! 

I'll be running three trips to SoloSports next year and have just released dates and details. Check out the video for more info. 


21 April 2016

Backhand Barrels

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Grab rail and tuck in on your backhand

Backhand Barrels

I love grabbing rail and pulling into tubes on my backhand. I think there’s a massive advantage with grabbing your rail - you can get yourself in a really tight little ball and push through and fit in the tiniest of sections and also lock into your board and maintain control and composure throughout tight parts of the wave.

Probably the biggest difference between getting barrelled surfing opposed to kiting is that surfing barrels you’re not restricted by the kite at all, so you can stay in the barrels longer and have more control. Whereas kite-assisted barrels tend to be shorter and basically ‘get in and get out’ before you’ve really stuck the kite. 

 I like to ride in the barrel hooked-in pretty much all the time. I have played with getting barreled unhooked, but I really find riding hooked-in gives you an added advantage of being able to sheet in and out the kite while you’re in the barrel. When you’re riding unhooked you’re really limited to just the one speed and just doing self-adjustments. I’ve definitely had some fun barrels over the years unhooked, but the best ones I’ve had and the longest ones I’ve had have definitely been hooked in.

Here are some tips to help make the most of backhand barrels.  

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