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Ben's Mexico Kite Camps are one of the best ways to really improve your kiting and enjoy some incredible conditions. SoloSports Adventure Holidays in Punta San Carlos [PSC] is a fully catered adventure sports hub that’s been operating in Baja, California Mexico for over 25 years. 

"SoloSports was one of the first places I ever went to surf with a kite and I believe it's one of the best places to take your waveriding to the next level. The conditions here are ideal for spending the maximum time in the water and there aren't many waves in the world this long and perfect for kiting." - Ben

We’ve designed this camp specifically for North and South American clients to provide an ultra-accessible escape, just a quick hop from San Diego. Everything including the latest kitesurfing equipment is available on site so you really only need to bring yourself! This trip is pure adventure from the moment you jump on the light plane transfer. You will be absolutely blown away by the beauty, team and conditions at PSC! 


4-11 May 2019 - SOLD OUT

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Kite Coaching 

The sessions and local conditions are geared for kiters who are looking to improve wave-riding skills and take everything to the next level. Most students want to focus on kite positioning, riding toe-side, body technique and positioning, transitioning from strapped to strapless, riding backhand/forehand and riding un-hooked.

Each day Ben takes kiting students through a theory and video feedback session before hitting the water when the wind picks up. Ben's sessions are practised and fine-tuned while having the flexibility to suit the needs of each student. Over the last ten years, Ben has taught over 5,000 students so you know you're in good hands! 

Theory sessions make the most of kiting footage shot the day before and allow an unmatched personalised feedback for each client.

"My ultimate goal is obviously to share as much knowledge as possible during the week, and for guests to all walk away with the tools to be able to figure out what's not working when they're back at home." - Ben


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"Great kiters aren’t necessarily great teachers. Ben is a great teacher." - Blair

“The kite camp was awesome!! Ben is a great coach; we could all see progress since day 1 and by the last days we were all riding the waves with style.” - Jose

"PSC is one of the most consistently windy spots in the Spring anywhere in North America." - Blair 

"PSC is a wonderland for sports, there is not enough time or energy to do it all… it's a great experience and I definitely would repeat both, Ben's camp and PSC." - Jose

"I come from a wakeboarding background and I really wanted to try and learn how to catch waves, and learn what kitesurfing really is." - Marty

"For me the clinic the crucial thing was to better my backhand riding, to get some insight into techniques I wouldn't normally have access to and to have more freedom on the wave." - Gert


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Conditions tend to be reliably windy with good surf. However, as kiters you know we cannot guarantee wind and swell so we have a range of alternate activities as a backup. In the event of no wind, theory classes will continue as normal plus other onsite activities such as stand up paddleboarding, mountain biking, hiking and longboarding.

All this equipment is supplied by SoloSports and available to use throughout your stay at no extra cost. High-quality brands such as Slingshot, F-One & BWSURF. 


SoloSports mountain bike kite week ben wilson bwsurf bws sup

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Meals & Accommodation

All meals, beverages including alcohol, and equipment is supplied. Expect tasty hot & cold breakfasts, lunches of soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches, well-earned snacks and beers followed by a delicious dinner. All meals are prepared on site and everything is included in your package price, so there are no surprises upon departure.

During your stay at SoloSports you'll experience deluxe camping accommodations in spacious, quiet Springbar tents on the carpeted, protected tarmac. SoloSports supply all your bedding needs for sleeping comfort. This camp is for people serious about adventure sports who aren't affraid to get a little dirty. Hot showers are definitely available but you are limited to one per day. 

While Internet and a Sat phone is available, prepare for being totally switched-off during your stay. Enjoy the opportunity to disconnect and get off the grid - it's a great feeling!


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World-class surf and kite photographer, Stu Gibson will be shooting your best moves all week in the water, on the beach and even in the air, plus all the action around the bar. At the end of the trip these professional photos plus a short clip are yours to take home at no extra cost - the perfect momentos to your week at SoloSports. You can check out some of Stu's photo and video work via his website or in your nearest surf or kite mag. 

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4-11 May 2019 



$4,500USD per person per week. Book now and SoloSports will give you an additional $300 off your stay! 

6 full days of personalised coaching with Ben 

7 nights accommodation at SoloSports, Punta San Carlos

Round-trip transportation by private plane from San Diego (Brown Field) to Punta San Carlos 

Private hot showers, (limited) Internet and use of multi-media activity room & lounge

All hot prepared meals, snacks, beverages including beer, wine & spirits from hosted & fully stocked bar and Chili-Bomb Cantina 

Use of all gear: windsurfers, kites, standup paddle boards, longboards, shortboards, kayaks, mountain bikes (BYO harness). This gear is the BEST quality and there's something here for everyone

Photography and video by Stu Gibson (all your photos and video will be provided on USB at the end of week)



Prices are quoted in USD and are current for 2019. 

To secure your space we require a 35% per person deposit. This deposit is non refundable and non transferable. Payment in full is due 120 days prior to departure. 

Connecting flights to/from San Diego are not included. 

All confirmed guests will need to complete THIS FORM PRIOR TO TRAVEL




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Getting There

We will be arriving by light plane to Punta San Carlos' own airstrip, capitaned by highly experienced pilots (the head pilot has been doing this route for 25 years and PSC's safety record is immaculate!). 

Aircraft transfers from San Diego's Brown Field are included in your package (Brown Field is around 25min-1.5hr drive (pending traffic) from San Diego International Airport).

You will be met at the small airstrip by your pilots and loaded onto several small Cessnas. **Please refer to baggage restrictions in the FAQ section.

All aircraft are required to land and pass customs at a Mexican port of entry so PLEASE BRING passport and a minimum of $40 cash to cover the $35 entry fee and $5 departure fee. Do not be alarmed if you are separated from your travel buddy – this helps to speed up the customs process. Your pilots are really experienced at dealing with the intricacies of Mexican customs so please relax and go with it. It will all work out! 

You will land at SoloSports' private strip and unload where Ben will give a welcome intro and go over the local conditions. Then if the wind’s on, it’s time to kite!



You will need to complete the flight manifest at least 30 days prior to departure. It is a FAA legal requirement for all light international flights and will be provided upon booking. 

Alternatively you can drive from the USA; it takes about 6-8hrs from the border. You may also wish to hire a private charter from LAX. Pricing is POA. 



Arriving to San Diego

Light aircraft return to San Diego’s Brown Field from 2:30-3:00pm, arriving at around 5:00pm.

On arrival you’ll need to clear US customs and take a taxi (~$60USD) back to downtown San Diego. 

**Connecting flights out of SAN must leave at 7:30pm or later to ensure there is enough time (even more for an international flight).  

*Kathy at Solo Sports can help arrange a driver from Brown Field to SAN. 


Do I need travel insurance? Yes. You will need a plan that covers medical emergencies and transport, trip cancellation, travel changes, loss of property and luggage. We recommend a comprehensive cover to ensure you're protected. 

Internet? Yes, wireless internet is available but is not reliable. Be prepared to spend a week off the grid. 

Water temperature? Pretty cool. Spring tends to have cold air and water temperatures. 

Do you need a wetsuit? Although the air temperature is quite warm, the water is cool. A thick 4/3 fullsuit or possibly a shortie is a good idea for windchill. The temperature can vary so you may want to go lighter. Booties are a good idea as it's rocky. 

Strength of wind? It can be any strength, but normally about 15-20knots and we mostly ride on 8m - 10m kites.

Do I need kitesurfing experience? Yes. This camp is not suitable for beginners or non-kiters. 

Can you ride a twin tip? You can, however we will be focussing on wave riding so we recommend a surfboard.

What are the waves like? Depending on swell size there are plenty of options. Typically the waves are quite mellow and long - friendly peelers with not to many steep or hollow sections.

How much baggage can I bring? Strictly limited to 50pounds/23kg. You will be arriving and departing on light aircraft so excess baggage will not be accepted. 

What should I pack? Please bring passport, cash, personal items including medication, suncreen, a harness, 4/3 full wetsuit, booties, a towel/poncho, ugg boots, running shoes (for mountain biking and hiking), waterbottle and warm clothes. All other equipment will be supplied. 

What kind of equipment will be supplied? SoloSports stock an insane range of the latest kites and boards including Slingshot, F-One, Liquid Force and of course BWSurf gear. Longboards, shortboards, SUPs, windsurfers, mountain bikes, kayaks and everything is there for you to use. 

What happens if I dammage something? If you tear a kite or break a board you will be charged to cost of repair or replacement. HOWEVER, insurance is available ($20 worth of insurance covers you for $100 worth of damage) and the team a SoloSports are really fair. They will always fix what they can on site at no cost. The bottom line is: treat the gear with respect as if it were your own. 

Can you ask for vegetarian meals when booking? Yes, we can cater to a range of dietary restrictions, just ask. 

Will harnesses & kitesurfing equipment be available to buy during the week? No. Please bring your own harness. Boards and kites will be provided by SoloSports & BWSurf. 

How will I know what kite and board to choose? We will have a staff member available to advise you on which kite brand and size will suit your level and current conditions. 

What if I get stranded and need help? We have a dedicated team member available to help you out and bring a fresh kite if yours goes down, HOWEVER, a rescue boat is also available at a cost of $50USD per person, per rescue. 

I hate pumping up kites! That's ok, there is someone available to pump your kite up for you. You just need to set up your own lines. 

I don't want to get in a light aircraft. How else can I make it to PSC? You are welcome to drive (6-8hrs from the border) or charter a larger private aircraft from LA (POA). In the 25 years of SoloSports they've never had an incident and they take safety VERY seriously. 

Is there a shop for basic items? There is a very basic camp store but please plan to bring all of your own personal items. 

Can I bring children under 18? Not typically. 



Each day will start with breakfast and free time.  

Ben's theory sessions commence around 11am and are followed by lunch. 

Practical kiting sessions begin after lunch when the wind picks up and run throughout the afternoon. 

Dinner and drinks each night are provided. 

Here's what your week will look like:


Arrive and unwind. Free day to settle in and look around. Some of you have been travelling a while so relax and enjoy!


Sunrise to 11am: Free time for surfing/kiting etc

11am: Goal building session and key principles for getting started, surf rescue etc.


Sunrise to 11am: Free time for surfing/kiting etc

11am: Body position and technique + video/photo feedback session 

12:30pm: Lunch

1:30pm till sunset: Kiting 


Sunrise to 11am: Free time for surfing/kiting etc

11am: Kite positioning + video/photo feedback session 

12:30pm: Lunch

1:30pm till sunset: Kiting 


Sunrise to 11am: Free time for surfing/kiting etc

11am: Video/photo feedback session 

12:30pm: Lunch

1:30pm till sunset: Kiting 


Sunrise to 11am: Free time for surfing/kiting etc

11am: Video/photo feedback session 

12:30pm: Lunch

1:30pm till sunset: Kiting 


Sunrise to 11am: Free time for surfing/kiting etc

11am: Video/photo feedback session 

12:30pm: Lunch

1:30pm till sunset: Kiting 

7pm: Slideshow


11am: Wrap up + video/photo feedback session 

10:30am until check out: kiting

12:30pm: Lunch

2pm: Departure



Additional Requirements are on a 'request only' basis and are not guaranteed.

We require the payment of a non-refundable deposit of 35% of total tariff to confirm a booking

Payment can be made by bank transfer

The balance payable 120 days prior to departure

No refund for early departures or late arrivals

Check-in is at 11:00am on Saturday and check-out is by 2:00pm am on the following Saturday. Early check-in and late departure is not available.

Only the number of guests paid for and showing on the receipt may stay

All bed and bathroom linen is provided.

We do not accept any liability in contract or in tort for any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional expenses or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by force majeure or other events which are beyond our control, including but not limited to war, cyclone, civil disturbance, fire, floods, unusually severe weather, acts of God, acts of Government or any authorities, accidents to or failure of machinery or equipment. Failure by the client to obtain a passport, visa, proper vaccinations or travel insurance.

Costs are quoted in US Dollars and therefore may cause fluctuations in prices when converted to other currencies.


Flight and accommodation details should be provided at time of booking or prior to travel. You are responsible for connecting flights, accommodation and transfers to Brown Field. 

Please notify us in advance of any dietary requirements so we can accommodate you


Accommodation must not be used for any unlawful purpose 

The Guest will be liable for payment of any charges incurred by any Guest together with all replacements and necessary costs for any damage or loss to equipment caused by any Guest 

The Guest authorises the manager to charge any credit card for any loss, damage or monetary contribution for which any Guest is liable under this document or otherwise 

Neither PSC, Ben Wilson, staff or crew is liable for any damage or loss of property, which a Guest may sustain while on the complex



Cancellations should be made in writing via email to 

Cancellations including original deposit are non-transferable and non-refundable. However we do our best to fill spots and reimburse the cancelled guest the full amount less any bank charges.

Cancellations closer to departure incur various penalties: 60+ Days Prior to Departure - 1st deposit non-refundable, non transferable / 31-59 Days Prior to Departure - 50% penalty (total cost of trip) / 00-30 Days Prior to Departure - 100% penalty (no refund) 

We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances including travel cancellation due to inclement weather, natural disaster and personal circumstances as we do not accept any liablity for any costs you may incur. 


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